Thursday, June 26, 2008


finally comes my dream holiday! it has been almost 20 years, i always wanted to go to europe, my dream destination! this time i am going there with my favourite person and i will get to meet the lovely nan, aunty and uncle... i am very very excited. i cannot wait until november. but i know it will come fast.

we are planning to visit vienna, salzburg, munich, zurich, paris, london and bristol. i will be spending my birthday in one of my dream cities, might be salzburg, might be munich.

i have not got final approval for my annual leave from my boss yet, therefore we cannot book airline tickets or accommodation at the moment.but i have started looking at tickets and hotel deals. it is good that i do not have to study this semester. i have enough time to do research and plan for the holiday.

another thing is, i have to pick up my german, at least the basics. i finally got a chance to speak to native german speakers, and i do not want to waste this opportunity. also, a few days ago, i just found out, a colleague understands german. so i spoke some german to her, but instead of talking to me in german, she translated whatever i said into english. funny girl.

the only thing worries me is Miaome. i miss him already. i hope that he would have a nice "holiday" at the cattery. i hope that he would enjoy talking and playing with other cats. i hope that the lack of freedom would not torture him too much. Miaome, my baby.

i am so tired recently. too much overtime, too much pressure. the good thing is, i have learned a lot in the past few weeks. i noticed quite a few things which i had not noticed before. we are getting there. tomorrow we should be able to finish with the year end. and by the end of next week, hopefully auditing will be finished. and then everything will be a lot easier.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

a greek holiday - "shirley valentine"

an english housewife cooked everyday while having a glass of wine
tuesdays they had eggs and chips
thursdays they had a steak
and the wall is her best friend

one day her friend won a holiday for two
and they went to the beautiful greek island
where they saw lovely white houses
beautiful blue sea and the sand

her friend left her alone for some one night stand
she made her dream come true by
sitting at a coffee table having a glass of wine by the sea
and the stunning sunset made her cry

a kind dark greek man came to her side
inviting her to go sailing with him the next day
"you are a beautiful woman but i will not try to make a fuck with you
as a boat is a boat and a fuck is a fuck"

so they went on the boat and sailed away
they talked and laughed and flirted
and swam naked and kissed and made a fuck
the boat was shaking and it felt like an earthquake

she didn't go back home
she stayed on the island served coffee by the sea
she told her husband the only romance she had was with herself
when she found her long lost life again

the husband came to greece to find his lost wife
he dressed in a suit looked tired walking on the sand
he didn't recognize his wife because she changed so much
she didn't look like the wife and mother but herself again

and she asked
"would you like to have a drink with me?"
so they sat together at the coffee table by the sea
watched the stunning sunset

Thursday, February 14, 2008

to cos

to my favourite person,

you are the very best thing that ever happen to me!
and i want to be with you always...

happy Valentine's Day!

love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Cos, you always surprise me with something I like. You always noticed what I needed or longed for. It is not just the presents that make me happy but more because of the way you paid attention. You are the best hubby ever. I feel truly blessed to have you in my life. One day I hope I can do the same for you, surprise you in a pleasant way like you always do.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

i am back

i haven't got time to write anything here, even when i was super-tired.

we had a great bbq party yesterday. it was great to see all those lovely faces in our new house!
we managed to open that wine cellar yesterday! wow, it is brilliant! i love it!

now i am back to study, even i have a headache right now. i have to. i cannot wait to finish that exam!

we will have our cat this Friday! i am so excited!:)

i sort of got a promotion at work. but i am not really happy. maybe i have become a very greedy person. well, i hope not. i think i am very nice. hahaha.


Monday, September 03, 2007

talk to myself

I find myself updating this blog whenever I feel tired! Isn't it strange?!
Maybe because I want to tell myself to be happy, so that I don't normally write unhappy things in my Chinese blog.
Another reason is that all the unhappy things in my life are pretty much related to work, and I don't want to think about work at home.

Nobody is really happy at work.
The company made big profit. However who benefits from the increase in sales? - Definitely not us employees.
But I just want to hang on a bit longer to see what happens next. I know I will feel guilty if I leave now. Although I am not really happy staying here either.

The good thing is: the Strategic Management Accounting is quite interesting. It is somehow related to some subjects I had done in my MBA studies. And some old memories come back too. Not a bad thing.

I am still writing the story. I enjoy writing it very much, esp. it seems that some blog friends really enjoyed it. That makes me feel satisfied. Some feel sad after they read the story, because that made them remember their own sad bits of life.
The good thing is: Life always treats you well after you suffered a lot and learned a lot. At lease it is the case with me.
I would call myself lucky too. Thanks for looking after me. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

i need some sunshine.

i am very very tired.
we moved in our lovely new house. it is still a big mess everywhere...
a feeling of a home owner? - Yes, and...

and there is soooooo much to do at work! so much... you could never finish.
but i know, somehow, everything will be sorted out.

everything will be fine eventually.
this is life.
it is a tree, always grows.
it is a sunflower, always cries for sunshine.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

flat out

This week has been so stressful.
I am not very happy with some people's certain behavior at work. But there is not much I can do.

We looked at a few places on Saturday. There was a townhouse I liked a lot.
I have not finished studying the CPA stuff as I had planned for myself. I am so tired. I actually felt like I was going to throw up last night, and I stopped reading. I continued writing the story on my Chinese blog instead.

Again I have not done any studies today. I feel so stressed.

I will have to get up at six tomorrow morning so that I can go to work early and finish the bloody payroll, since Wednesday is public holiday. I do not understand why some people are so bad with their personal finance matters. They act as if they wait for one more day, they will run out of money and die.

I need to try to be happy again.
I am so stressed.
There is too much to do.
I believe next month when I am done with the stupid exam, things will be a lot better.